Settlement (v1.3/1.4alpha)

The "proof of concept" game, The Horde, was a small remake of the old PC game.
"Settlement" extends this idea. The game has been created with RoguelikeLib. It bases on a demo game included there.

Story and goal

After a long travel your group of settlers finished a basic settlement. The land seems to be very hostile.
The next group of colonists will arrive after a month, therefore you have to last 30 days.
Keep at the end as much money as possible.



Night is scary. Especially in a distant land. Especially when the night is full of monsters.
Defend your settlement personally or using guards, archers, fences and pits.
To do that, you need resources. In this game we have two types of resources: money and wood.
- Workers bring you money ($)
- Lumberjacks bring you wood (=)
In the center of your settlement there is a 'W'arehouse. It's indestructible (except the last night). Workers and lumberjacks bring there goods, so it must be accessible for them.
You receive money selling milk. The milk comes from a 's'heeps. Sheeps need food (%) - 'c'rops.
Workers take care about crops and sheeps, but they need houses to rest and hide in the night.
Your people rest ONLY indoor - you are exceptional, because you rest also outdoor.
You are responsible for placing sheeps and seeding grain. Taken crops regenerate every morning. Cut-down trees every 7 days.

To build new objects you need resources. Resources are listed below the name of an object on the right part of screen.
For example Fence costs you $2 and 5 pieces of wood.

Build 'h'ouses (^) for workers and lumberjacks. Extend these houses to watch towers (T), where guards and archers can rest.
To build a guard tower you have to "build the house again", standing on an existing house.

The game plays in the night and day cycle, which is very important, because in the night monsters appear. To speed up time press 't'.
The game engine supports advanced shadowing techniqee... ;)


There are a few types of monsters. Some of them just want your crops, some are aggressive.
Remember that attacked monster becomes aggressive. Isolation from tasty food also make monsters aggressive.
The color of your soldiers expresses they hit points. The darker it is, the closer the person is to death.


Move your character (@) using Num-pad keys (1-9 with Num Lock on).
The rest of command is available on the right side of the screen, by the first letter. You need the proper number of resources to buy a selected option.
The most useful command is 't' which speed-ups time.
To remove something from the ground press space ' '. It costs you 1$.


Download the version 1.4 with alpha network code (Windows binary + source code): (about 1.2MB)
This version allows you to play against other player!

Older versions:
Download the stable version 1.3 (Windows binary + source code): (about 250KB)


Jakub Debski ( '2009