As year ago I have no time for 7-day roguelike... so I decided to write 1DRL roguelike again :)

I had a few ideas and (as with "BomberRogue") all were remakes of classic games.
The first one was "Rogguer" - Frogger like game, but I couldn't think up how to make such turn based game fun.
"Lemminglike" - Lemmings, where player should protect lemmings going from stairs to stairs. Could be entertaining,
but would be too complicated to implement in one day.
So, the choosen one is "Rogue Dash" - roguelike version of Boulder Dash :)

Rules are simple:
- collect all diam(*)nds.
- don't get killed by (M)onsters.
- watch out for falling r(O)cks.
- stairs to next level appear always on your start location.
- there are three levels to pass.

Of course it wasn't possible to balance the game in such a short time and to fix all bugs.
Difficulty depends a lot on random placment of objects, however I tried to make next level more challenging that previous.

Don't ask for the sources. You don't want to see them. Belive me. :)

I'm waiting for your comments. Have fun :)


Download the Windows version: roguedash.zip (195KB)



Jakub Debski (jakub@arcabit.com) '2006