Moon Defense v1.6 (06-06-2004)

In the year 2045 USA built their first base on the Moon.
Unfortunatelly, the Moon seems to be a cemetary of the Old Alien Race.
The Old Alien Race is really pissed...
Defend your base, soldier! :)

Download the game with Installer: MoonDefenseInstaller.exe
The Installer consist of everything that is required to play Moon Defense (executable, data and Allegro library)

You can also:
Download the game in single zip file: Moon
Download the source code: (compilable under Linux too)

The game requires Allegro library to work. Download it here:
Copy Alleg40.dll to game directory or to system directory. The Installer will do it for you.

The game is a remake of old 8bit Atari game "Planetary Defense" by ANALOG Computing.
Click on the screenshot below to download the original game. Atari emulator is required to play.

Read readme.txt for more info.

Jakub Debski '2004